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Sablès shortbread biscuits

Let's start by adding a pinch of salt to the icing sugar and adding the vanillin. In another bowl, we break 1 egg and beat it. Then in the planetary mixer, insert the cold flour and butter and operate at moderate speed. When it starts to sandblast,... more

Milk cream

Let's start by putting the milk on the stove, keeping it a little aside to dissolve the starch. We also add the vanilla bean and sugar. In the meantime, sift the potato starch and add the remaining milk, mixing well with a whisk so as not to form... more

Breaded chicken slices

We start grating the lemon zest after which we break the eggs and season them to taste with salt, pepper and chilli. Let's beat them with a fork and mix all the ingredients well. Once this procedure is finished, we pass the chicken slices into the... more

Grilled aubergines

To create this delicious and very fast contour, you need to wash the aubergines well and eliminate the ends. Later we have to slice them and we can choose to make thin or thick slices or in both ways so that we get 2 types of contour. Once you have... more

Cream and ham pasta

We start by putting 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a saucepan with a clove of garlic. We heat up and in the meantime cut the piece of ham into cubes and then add it to the mixture. We spend a couple of minutes on high heat after which we add the liquid... more

Spaghetti tuna and cherry tomatoes

We start by boiling the water for the spaghetti and then prepare the sauté by peeling a clove of garlic and putting it to heat with a little oil in a non-stick pan. Once warm, add the tuna and with a fork, crumble it a little more than it already... more

Spaghetti alla vesuviana

For the preparation of the spaghetti we pour a little oil in a pan and in the meantime we go to cut a couple of cloves of garlic and we put them to fry in a pan. Together with the garlic we add the chilli, to leave whole. Once the oil becomes hot we... more

Barchette of pasta with zucchini

Slice the pancetta into very finely chopped cubes. Put a tablespoon of oil in the pan and add the bacon when it is not hot yet. Brown it until it is very crunchy. Meanwhile, slice the zucchini into slices. Remove the bacon from the pan leaving its... more