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Italian cake design

Plastic chocolate sunflower

To create this sunflower, you must first prepare the plastic chocolate. Once you have created a dough, color it in yellow and brown and then take the outline of the sunflower. We spread the yellow plastic chocolate and resting the shape, we cut... more

Gardenia Tutorial

Let's start the tutorial by pouring the water with the gum paste into a bowl and start mixing. Then we transfer to a work surface to knead better until a compact ball is created and then we let it rest in a sachet for about 15 minutes. After the... more

Winnie the Pooh in sugar paste

To create winnie the pooh with the sugar paste, let's start by dividing the egg-colored ball of dough into: a large ball about the size of an apricot, a smaller one being its half, two larger cylinders and two smaller ones . We take the smaller... more

Cake design

To decorate this cake we must, to start, take the white sugar paste and knead it a little to make it soften, then creating a circular dough. Then take the rolling pin and begin to enlarge it, being careful to go from the inside to the outside, up to... more

Quilt effect sugar cake

Let's start by having a cake already covered with butter cream and then cover it with our sugar paste that we spread at a slightly greater thickness (about 4 mm) to facilitate the decoration with a quilted effect. Make sure we work it and spread it... more

Coat a cake with sugar paste

To cover a cake with sugar paste, first cover the whole cake resting on a revolving surface with a spatula, with butter cream or white chocolate ganache. With the help of another spatula with 90 ° angles, we move the swivel top and model the cream... more

Dark chocolate homemade

First, pour into a small bowl cocoa butter, in a separate container we put a spoonful of rice bran oil, a tablespoon of lecithin, both bowls and put to boil in a water bath, while often turn heat up preparations; when melted cocoa butter and let the... more

Homemade lollipops

Let's see how to quickly prepare the delicious homemade lollipops. Put a small saucepan with double bottom on the stove, pour 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of Archemes and set the flame to minimum. Stir the mixture continuously until it... more

How to write on cakes with chocolate

Useful guide for absolute beginners who want to write and embroidery on cakes! If you do not have a pocket for dessert at home, you can build one so easy and cheap, take a sheet of cellophane and roll it in a cone shape, while maintaining a small... more

Plastic chocolate

We put in a steel bowl, 3 tablespoons of water, add a tablespoon of gelatin, put on the stove, wait 5 minutes, turn the jelly and wait for it to melt. At this point in another container, put the chopped white chocolate into pieces, pour 2... more

Small elephant sugar paste

Let us first how to create the elephant's head, take the gray ball, and shape the trunk, then carving with a pocketknife, plastic mouth, eyes, and horizontal folds to make more realistic the trunk. To draw the eyes we can use a small tube-shaped... more

Bunny with carrot in sugar paste

With a little imagination and a small amount of sugar paste we see how to make a cute rabbit on carrot. First prepare an orange ball we're going to use to make the carrot, a ball Bianca, a green, a little pink and a tiny black to make the eyes. We... more

How to make sugar paste quickly

Let's start with the cut in rectangles gelatin and soak it in water until the gelatin does not absorb all the water, about 10 minutes. We are now in a saucepan on the stove with the honey and the mixture and mix until just got to mix well, then pour... more

Barbapapa cake decoration

The decoration that we will describe, is carried out on a round cake made ​​of sponge cake. Let's start with the sponge cake spread over a thin layer of butter cream, covering both the top and the sides, then take the sugar paste and stretch it... more

Twisted sugar paste

The hanks to go and prepare that will help us to finish the outside of a cake, to hide the blemishes, or just to add a finishing touch and to become more beautiful your sweet. We prepare the dough balls of sugar paste of the colors that we prefer to... more

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