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Recipe How To Write On Cakes With Chocolate


A pocket for sweets, or a sheet of cellophane to build a craft, a cellophane paper, a sheet of paper printed with the words that we want to apply in the cake, liquid chocolate


Useful guide for absolute beginners who want to write and embroidery on cakes! If you do not have a pocket for dessert at home, you can build one so easy and cheap, take a sheet of cellophane and roll it in a cone shape, while maintaining a small hole at the end. We fill our time "pen" with liquid chocolate and close the widest part so that it does not spill over during our processing. To facilitate our work, we can print on a plain sheet of paper the words that interests us, apponiamo on a sheet of cellophane and begin to trace with our "pen chocolate".Once completed, we will put our words of chocolate in the fridge once you will be gunned down, we will remove it from the cellophane paper and apply it over the cake.

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