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Sablès shortbread biscuits

Let's start by adding a pinch of salt to the icing sugar and adding the vanillin. In another bowl, we break 1 egg and beat it. Then in the planetary mixer, insert the cold flour and butter and operate at moderate speed. When it starts to sandblast,... more

Chocolate filled biscuits

In a large bowl, sift the flour and dark cocoa. With the help of a planetary mixer, mix the softened butter with the sugar until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Then add the egg and the yolk continuing to knead. At this point, begin to join the... more

Ox eyes

Starting with the biscuits. Flour the work surface and place half of the shortcrust pastry for biscuits. Knead it until softened, then roll it out with the help of a floured rolling pin until you get a sheet about half a centimeter thick. At this... more

savoiardi biscuits

With the help of a planetary or electric mixer, whip the egg yolks with half the sugar. Once you get a frothy mixture, set it aside. With the help of the same planetary or whisk, whip the egg whites, incorporating the sugar and white wine vinegar a... more

Nutellotti - 1 minute recipe -

This recipe is really very very quick to prepare, simple and tasty. Let's start by placing the nutella, egg and flour in a bowl. We operate the electric blender and beat them well. Once the dough is created, make a ball and wrap it with plastic wrap... more

Light oat biscuits

These biscuits are really dietetic and excellent to get rid of the sweet taste! We start by peeling the bananas and roughly crushing them with a fork. Then pour them in a bowl and add the oat flakes and chocolate chips. We mix and pay attention to... more

Butter biscuits

In a large bowl put the butter and granulated sugar and work them well until they become a cream. After the egg, add the vanilla essence, flour, baking powder, a pinch of salt and knead everything with your hands until you have a compact dough.... more

Soft biscuits

We take a large bowl and put the eggs, oil, yogurt, vanilla sugar, granulated sugar and mix everything with your hands. Once a smooth and homogeneous mixture is created, gradually incorporate the flour and baking powder. We knead again to create a... more

Quick and simple cookies

Let's start by sifting the flour into a bowl, then add the sugar, a pinch of salt, baking powder and lemon zest. Mix a little with a ladle and add the melted butter after the yolk and the egg, all while we continue to mix and a few drops of water... more

Cinnamon cookies

To prepare the cinnamon biscuits, start by preparing the short pastry. In a mixer pour the flour, the chopped butter, a pinch of salt and the cinnamon. Briefly operate the blades until a sandy compound is obtained. Turn off the robot and add the... more

Apple and almond cookies

Let's start by cleaning the two apples and cutting them into small pieces. Cook over low heat in a saucepan with 2 tablespoons of water and cook them until they have become soft. Once softened, put them on a plate and crush them with a fork. Then... more

Chocolate cookies

Let's start crumbling the cookies. We can do this by putting them in a food bag and handing them the rolling pin upstairs or the meat tenderizer or a simple glass tumbler, taking care not to puncture the envelope. Meanwhile melt the chocolate in a... more

Cat's tongues

We start working with a whisk in a bowl the previously softened butter, add the icing sugar and work again until it becomes frothy. Then we combine the vanillin and the lightly beaten egg whites and continue with the whisk. Once all is well mixed,... more


Preparing the Nutellotti is really simple and only 3 ingredients are enough. We start by taking Nutella and stirring it vigorously in a bowl together with the egg. Then a little at a time add the flour, continuing to mix until a homogeneous mixture... more

Halloween shortbread cookies

We start by placing the flour on the work surface, incorporating the butter and working the ingredients. Add a pinch of salt, sugar and lemon peel or grated orange and work well. We combine the 3 egg yolks and knead quickly. Lay the dough on a sheet... more

Almond biscuits

Peel 300 g of almonds. Chop the almonds in a blender with the sugar. Leaving the mixer turned on, combine the egg whites, in order to obtain a compact dough. Then turn off the mixer. Put the dough on a work surface and roll into small balls,... more

Clouds of pastry mounted

For the topping: Jam (or chocolate, but makes them harder). Preparation: 1) Soften the butter at room temperature. 2) Add the sugar, then fit the two ingredients with the blender. 3) When the mixture is well blended add the eggs and egg yolks, one... more

Cookies in two colors

In a saucepan put the butter and sugar. Work with a wooden spoon until you get a soft cream. Add the flour, baking powder, orange zest grated. Then divide the dough into two equal parts. A part of the left white and the other incorporated cocoa... more

Cookies "They"

Put in a bowl and knead the butter until creamy with a wooden spoon; stir in the sifted powdered sugar and lemon zest. Mix well, then incorporated eggs and mix everything carefully. Knead the dough for a long time, until it is soft and creamy, then... more

Macaroons of almonds

In a saucepan, add the peeled and finely chopped almonds with sugar. Beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form, add them to the pan and mix well, stirring slowly. Let stand for about three hours. Take a pastry, sprinkle with flour and sugar in... more

Tongues ​​of cat

Make the butter cream and put it in a planetary together with the icing sugar. Spin it all with the whip at low speed because it does not have to assemble. At this point, add the egg white wire and then always in planetary add the flour. In contrast... more

Whipped shortbread

The shortbread is a type of pastry dough that is mainly used for the composition of biscuits of different shapes. Whip butter at room temperature in a planetary mixer; after a few seconds add the powdered sugar. Maintaining the same speed of... more


Heat gently the egg whites with half the sugar, then add the remaining sugar and mount them in the rain. In another bowl whip the egg yolks by hand and add the sieved powders. At this point incorporate the egg whites with the yolks a little at a... more

Curls with almonds

First chop the almonds until they become a fine powder, then add the powdered sugar, vanilla, then pour the liquor, and add the grated lemon peel. In another pan mix the egg whites until very fine and add them to the mixture of almonds, work with... more

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