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Recipe Almond Biscuits


Egg white 3
300 grams of sweet almond
50 grams of bitter almonds
300 grams of Sugar
candied cherries


Peel 300 g of almonds. Chop the almonds in a blender with the sugar. Leaving the mixer turned on, combine the egg whites, in order to obtain a compact dough. Then turn off the mixer. Put the dough on a work surface and roll into small balls, flatten slightly and decorate some with the remaining almonds (50 g) and the other with candied cherries whole of various colors. Place the cookies on a baking sheet, greased and floured, always leaving space for leavening. Allow to stand for 12 hours. Bake for 10 minutes at 180 ° C.
Let cool and store in a glass jar.

Posted by: La Dolce Vita Pasticceria

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