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Recipe Barbapapa Cake Decoration


Cream butter, sugar paste, powdered sugar, a sheet of parchment paper, rolling pin


The decoration that we will describe, is carried out on a round cake made ​​of sponge cake. Let's start with the sponge cake spread over a thin layer of butter cream, covering both the top and the sides, then take the sugar paste and stretch it with a rolling pin until you get a thin cloth. At this point, before we roll the sugar paste around the rolling pin, then stretch it on the cake, helping with the tool, or a tool with plastic plate to make it adhere well to the edges, and once finished, we're going to cut part of the sugar paste in excess. Repeating the same procedure, using sugar paste of another color, we can make another smaller finishing to be applied over the cake with a shape to our liking and make it even more tasty by using stencils to create drawings, flowers and animals.

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