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Recipe Boiled Beef Grandmother


biancostato beef, beef bread, a bay leaf, cloves, salt, a clove of garlic, red onion, celery, carrots.


We boil a pressure cooker with water and 3 teaspoons of salt, meanwhile, incastoniamo cloves inside the red onions, when the water boils, put the meat, celery broken in half, the carrots, onions, garlic and bay leaf, making sure that the water level does not come close to the edge of the lid and cook for 45 minutes. Paying attention first to let out all the steam, open the lid of the pot and we are ready to serve our steaming meat on the table. With this kind of cooking, we got, it's a great boiled meat, a delicious aromatic broth, and concentrated broth that can be used to make soups or flavoring meat dishes.

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