Recipe Italian Appetizer

Doses for: 1 persone
realization time: 5 minutes


Olives, napoli salami, asiago, capicollo, caciotta, pickled aubergines, buffalo mozzarella


Often if we have friends for dinner or if we simply want something quick and satisfying and tasty at the same time, this is the appetizer that is right for us! From the outset that the Italian appetizer is made up of salami and cheeses of various types so we, this time we used these but in reality we can prepare it with those that we like best. We then formed our appetizer by putting in each plate 2-3 slices of salami napoli, 2-3 of capicollo, olives, a mozzarella di bufala but the normal one is also fine or maybe some cherries to put in the middle to make it even more cute the dish, 2-3 slices of asiago, 2-3 of caciotta and pickled aubergines. With a little imagination we arrange the cold cuts to give the dish a beautiful appearance and a suggestion if you have friends at dinner, is to prepare a nice platter of cold cuts to be placed at the center of the table. Enjoy your meal!

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