Recipe Roll Of Puff Pastry Ham And Provolone


puff pastry, ham affected, sliced ​​provolone Sila


Today we see a quick and easy dish to prepare, ideal for those who have great knowledge of the kitchen, but prefer to eat something tasty and easy to prepare at the same time. Meanwhile, use puff pastry, which will save us a lot 'of time, put a layer of sliced ​​ham, then stretch it a layer of provolone, then another layer of ham and rolled up on itself the dough pastry. We close our roll on the shorter edges, crushing, we place it on the parchment paper, and let's put in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for a duration of 40 minutes. At this point the roll of puff pastry with ham and provolone is ready to be eaten.

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