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Recipe Risotto With Gorgonzola And Onion

Doses for: 4 persone
realization time: 40 minutes


240 grams of dwarf valone rice, 400 grams of red onions, 140 grams of gorgonzola, 100 milliliters of white wine, vegetable broth as needed, 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 20 grams of butter, salt and black pepper how much that's enough.


Starting with the onion. Slice it coarsely, place it in a suitable microwave container, add a little oil and put it in the microwave at full power for 6-7 minutes. Thus you will get a perfect stewed onion in a short time. Heat some oil in a saucepan with a knob of butter and heat. When it is hot, add the rice and toast it. When the rice is completely translucent, the toasting will be ready. Blend with the wine, always leaving a very high heat. At this point, start pulling the risotto by adding boiling broth little by little. Add the stewed onion to the risotto. Cook and continue adding the stock little by little. When cooked, turn off the heat and stir in the rice with gorgonzola. Stir to melt the cheese and leave it to rest for at least ten minutes. Serve with a sprinkling of pepper.

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