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Recipe Breaded Slices Faster


thin slices of tenderloin, sliced ​​bread, parsley, marjoram, salt, starch, olive oil, salad envy, at the Julien carrots, a slice of the Smith, lemon


Chop finely parsley and herbs, mescoliamole with the bread crumbs, cut slices of fillet thickness of about 1 cm, and turn to sprinkle over a light layer of starch, salt, and then slam for good steaks and let's leave them to rest. We soak the slices of meat in the egg, in the preparation with herbs and then let it rest in a dish so that all blend well. We spread a thin layer of oil in the pan and put the slices of meat cooking in the kitchen while maintaining a temperature of 130-140 °, not aggressive. We prepare our salad now taking the most tender, add the carrots, lemon and cut in small slices of apple that we're going to add later.

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