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Recipe Scallops In White Wine And Parsley

Doses for: 4 persone
realization time: 20 minutes


350 g of veal, 10 g of parsley, 80 g of butter, flour 00,100 g of dry white wine, 70 g of vegetable broth, fine salt, black pepper.


Let's start by chopping the cleaned and dried parsley and set it aside. We take the veal, cut 8 thin slices and before beating them, bathe them with a bit of water, thus avoiding having them stick to the meat tenderizer. Then flatten the slices and flour them quickly. Then pass them in a pan where we previously melted the butter. Let them sear on both sides for a few moments over high heat and then wet them with wine, letting the alcohol evaporate. Once evaporated add the hot broth and season with salt and pepper. We continue for a few minutes so that the bottom is slightly dry. Turn off the stove, add the parsley and give the last stir. The scallops are ready to be enjoyed! Enjoy your meal!

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