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Recipe Romagnola Potato Gnocchi

Doses for: 5 persone
realization time: 30 minutes


500 grams of boiled potatoes, 500 grams of flour, 50 grams of Parmesan cheese, salt to taste


To prepare this excellent first course, boil 500 grams of potatoes and purée them. Then the potatoes are mixed with the flour. At the beginning of the process, we make a hole in the dough and add the egg, the Parmesan and a pinch of salt. Initially we will work everything with a fork to incorporate the ingredients. Then you begin to knead with your hands so as to make a compound of the right consistency, not too hard or too soft. Now we cut a piece of dough and make strips of it that we will roll on the work surface, perhaps adding flour to keep it from sticking. Then we will cut them into small pieces. At this point we cook them in boiling water. The cooking is completed when the gnocchi come back to the surface in the pot. Season to taste and the dish is ready.

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