Recipe Struffoli


Water, sugar, flour, honey, candied citron, candied fruit, sugary, colored confetti


Struffoli are a typical Neapolitan dessert. They are balls of dough fried in oil, dipped in hot honey and then mixed with pieces of cedar and other candied fruit, pieces of sugar and colored sprinkles. It seems that originally these sweets were brought to Naples by the Greeks at the time of the Magna Graecia. Those that we present today are fried Christmas struffoli but it must be said that - for those who prefer a lighter dessert - there is also a recipe that includes baked struffoli and, for those who like to amaze their guests, struffoli can also be made chocolate. The advice we give you is to accompany them with a good aromatic wine or dessert liqueur, such as Madeira or Passito di Pantelleria.

Posted by: Istituto Galilei

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