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Recipe Beef Carpaccio


Raw meat thinly sliced
Olive Oil
Parmesan cheese


Summer is here and those hot sunny days make you look only for something tasty and fresh to enjoy on a dinner with friends in your backyard or house terrace. Today’s recipes is a must have on summer italian tables: Beef Carpaccio
Carpaccio is a dish of raw meat thinly sliced and served, in its simplier version, placed on a dish with a marinade made with lemon, olive oil, salt pepper and Parmesan cheese, and can be topped with rocket or fresh gentle salad. The origins of this dish are found around 1950 for the first time in Venice, at the time of an exhibition dedicated to Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio when Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice prepared the dish for the countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo when he learned that the doctors had recommended that she eat raw meat. As the meat is not cooked, always remember to use fresh meat, avoiding freezed cuts.

Posted by: Istituto Galilei

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