Recipe Spaghetti With Roses


200 g di spaghetti
6o g thinly sliced ham
20 g butter
1 dl cream
20 g roses’ petals
salt200 g spaghetti sixth g ham, finely chopped 20 g butter 1 dl cream 20 g rose petals salt


Choose the roses; they should be preferrably pink. Take the petals and clean them gently with a damp towel, cut them in thin slices and keep aside 6 whole petals. Cut the ham into small cubes. Stir fry the onion with some butter, add the ham, fry it for a while and add the cream. When the cream starts boiling, add the cut petals and cook the sauce at medium heat for a few minutes. Once cooked, put the spaghetti in the sauce’s pan and fry them for a while. Serve them in a plate, decorated with the whole petals. You will surprise your love! Want to discover more Italian recipes? Check out our Cooking courses in Florence! Valentine’s day is approaching! Here you are an exclusive idea for those who would rather stay home with their lovers for a romantic dinner, instead of going to the restaurant!

Posted by: Istituto Galilei

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