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Recipe Finger Tiramisu


250 gr. mascarpone (or ricotta), 2 biscuit boxes (like Pavesini), 1 vase of Nutella, Coffee, Coconut powder


From Benedetta Parodi's cookbook, a fresh and convenient alternative to this classic Italian dessert! Spread some Nutella on one biscuit, and some cheese on another one. Join the two biscuits to form a sort of "sandwich". Repeat these steps until you finish up your biscuits (one box usually serves 44 single portions). In the meantime, prepare a coffee jug and let it cool. Plunge one "sandwich" at the time very quickly into the coffee, and then into the coconut powder until they're completely covered. Let them cool in the fridge for at least one hour and enjoy, but be careful: once you start, you can't get enough! !

Posted by: Libellula

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