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In Genoa, Italy, there are several cooking classes available for those interested in learning the art of pizza making. Some popular options include Creattivando Laboratorio Esperienzale Art & Food, Chef per Caso, Curioseety Genoa, and Cesarine - Genoa....continue further down

Courses in Liguria in Genoa and vicinity

Genova (GE)
from: 30 June 2024 Duration: 4 months
Course Target: 1: Study the theory at home with the assistance of an online tutor. 2: Get your hands dirty during an internship in your city - or wherever you want! 3: Work placement: you will be...
Professional Cooking
Genova (GE)
from: 20 May 2024 Duration: 4 months
PIUITALIA offers you a real path to build a SUCCESSFUL FUTURE. With an ORIENTAL COOKING course you will be able to acquire all the knowledge to become a true SUSHIMENN. With the knowledge you will...
Professional Cooking

Homemade cheese
Genova (GE)
Scuola di Cucina ZenAndCook
from: 27 May 2024 Duration: 8 hours
Alessandro, known to all as Caciocavaliere, will teach you how to bring a product you have never tried before to your table, using simple household equipment! The cost of a single lesson is...
CBT: Low temperature cooking
Genova (GE)
Scuola di Cucina ZenAndCook
from: 23 May 2024 Duration: 4 hours
You will discover with Claudio one of the innovative techniques for cooking food, preserving its characteristics, aromas and flavours. You won't be able to do without it anymore. Cost €80.00

Pizza courses genoa italy

In Genoa, Italy, there are several cooking classes available for those interested in learning the art of pizza making. Some popular options include Creattivando Laboratorio Esperienzale Art & Food, Chef per Caso, Curioseety Genoa, and Cesarine - Genoa.

These classes offer hands-on experiences where participants can learn to make traditional Genoese dishes such as pasta al pesto and seafood dishes. The classes are led by local chefs and provide an immersive experience into the city's rich culinary tradition. Participants can also enjoy tastings and market tours as part of the cooking classes. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, these pizza courses in Genoa are a great way to enhance your culinary skills and discover the flavors of Italian cuisine.
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Schools in Liguria in Genoa and vicinity

Cooking School
Chef per caso Genoa
Courses: Amateur
Our courses and individual lessons are available to anybody, beginners or more practised persons. Our courses are hands-on, provided for nine students at the most. The students prepare the dishes... more
Cooking School
laboratorio " i dolci di Michy" Genoa
Courses: Amateur

Cooking School
CORSO PASTICCERE Pesaro (Pesaro-Urbino)
Courses: Professional
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B
PIUITALIA (A. M.I. ) organizes advanced food training courses throughout Italy for those who want to learn a job and acquire the basics to become a Chef, Pastry Chef, Pizza chef, Barman, Ice-cream... more
Cooking School
Percorsi con Gusto San Gemini (Terni)
Courses: Amateur
Percorsi con Gusto is an association that comes out of the love for the Italian food tradition. In this regard, it offers cooking classes in Umbria area for groups or individuals who want to learn... more
Cooking School
Italiancakedesign School Milan
Courses: Amateur Professional
Cooking classes and Cake Design classes. The are special cooking classes in English. more
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Italian Cooking Recipes

Mini savory croissants

We start by spreading the pizza dough we prepared earlier with a rolling pin, it must be about 1 cm thick. We can however also use a ready-made one. Then we take the puff pastry and fold it on itself so that it becomes as thick as pizza dough. We... more

Pizza focaccia

We start crumbling the yeast in a bowl by adding a little warm water and making it dissolve by mixing. Then combine the flour and add the other water and mix again with a ladle. We take the warm milk and we put it together. Then we put salt and oil... more

Skewers of mozzarella and anchovies

To prepare the mozzarella and fried anchovy skewers, start by slicing the mozzarella for pizza. Then drain the anchovies in oil. So we take a slice of long sandwich bread, lay the mozzarella slices and trim them to have an even layer. Arrange... more

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