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Pass the flour through a sieve of silk, then the fountain in the center and break eggs: mix with three tablespoons of olive oil and very little anise liqueur. Working long pasta and from it derive the rolls as thick as a finger. Prepare a wood fire... more

Skewers of mozzarella and anchovies

To prepare the mozzarella and fried anchovy skewers, start by slicing the mozzarella for pizza. Then drain the anchovies in oil. So we take a slice of long sandwich bread, lay the mozzarella slices and trim them to have an even layer. Arrange... more

Parrozzo cake

Muffin pan with butter. Sprinkle the mold with flour, being careful that it fits tightly to the sides. Scald with boiling water, peel and almonds. Into a large stone mortar crush them joining occasionally a little 'sugar. Reduce the almond powder.... more