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Cooking School
hangar78 Food&Pastry Innovation Lab Venice
Courses: Amateur Professional

Cooking School
Courses: Professional
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B

PIUITALIA SRL organizes advanced food training courses throughout Italy for those who want to learn a job and acquire the basics to become a Chef, Pastry Chef,...
Cooking School
Campus Etoile Academy Tuscania (Viterbo)
Courses: Amateur Professional
Accommodations: Hotel - B&B

A pre-eminent European Centre of gastronomic culture. High-level training centre of Culinary Art since. -Professional courses to become Chef and Pastry Chef -W...
Cooking School
Academy Polselli Pizza&bakery Frosinone
Courses: Professional

Cooking School
La Mezzaluna Cooking Classes in Tuscany Barga (Lucca)
Courses: Amateur
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B

Have fun and join my cookery lessons at La Mezzaluna Cooking School in this beautiful part of Northern Tuscany. Combine cooking and wine tasting and learn all t...
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Courses in Italy

Firenze (FI)
Istituto Galilei
from: 25 July Duration: 2 weeks
OUR ITALIAN LITERATURE COURSES CAN BE FOLLOWED BY ANYONE: Students who wish to know the Italian literature for personal...
Language culture
Pastry Sciences and Technologies Course
Piobesi Torinese (TO)
from: 17 October Duration: 14 weeks
The Pastry Science and Technology course aims to provide a high-level preparation on Italian pastry at 360 °, starting...
Professional Cooking
Italian as a Foreign Language - One-to-one Course
Salò (BS)
Lest Languages
from: 6 September Duration: 6 weeks
One-to-one Italian as a Foreign language course, with customized programme and calendar scheduled with the Student
Foreign Language Course
Aci Castello (CT)
Scuola Galatea
from: 1 September Duration: 100 weeks
Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian are just some of the many foreign language courses our school has...
ABC of pastry - basic course in the evening
Pescara (PE)
Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale
from: 7 October Duration: 1 months
Has pastry always been your passion? Learn to make your favorite desserts starting from the basics, like a real pastry...

Italian Cooking Recipes

Quick starters with puff pastry

With the puff pastry we can create a lot of good things quickly, including the appetizers that we will present today! Let's start with wurstel swivels. We open the puff pastry and lay 2 sausages at a time, for a long time and then wrap from left to... more

Roll of puff pastry ham and provolone

Today we see a quick and easy dish to prepare, ideal for those who have great knowledge of the kitchen, but prefer to eat something tasty and easy to prepare at the same time. Meanwhile, use puff pastry, which will save us a lot 'of time, put a... more

Ox eyes

Starting with the biscuits. Flour the work surface and place half of the shortcrust pastry for biscuits. Knead it until softened, then roll it out with the help of a floured rolling pin until you get a sheet about half a centimeter thick. At this... more

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