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Schools in Italy

Cooking School
Courses: Amateur

The best Italian food is our mood. Grandmothers' classic recipes and modern ones for timeless worker women are the topics of the courses. From Tortellini to Swo...
Cooking School
The Cooking Loft Albinea (Reggio-Emilia)
Courses: Amateur

At the Spazio Torricelli The Cooking Loft has its premises, a place dedicated to the passion for cooking and to the practical preparation and tasting of both tr...
Cooking School
Cooking School Venice Venice
Courses: Amateur
Accommodations: Apartment Hotel - B&B

For more than 10 years, for lovers of Italian food, we have been offering a unique opportunity to participate in small groups in a hands-on cooking experience i...
Cooking School
Courses: Professional

Cooking School
Tofani Cooking School Sorrento (Naples)
Courses: Amateur
Accommodations: Hotel - B&B

Tofani Cookery Vacation is a Cooking school in Sorrento, Campania, Italy where you will try a memorable experience of an Italian way of life. The lessons will t...
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Courses in Italy

Firenze (FI)
Istituto Galilei
from: 25 July Duration: 2 weeks
OUR ITALIAN LITERATURE COURSES CAN BE FOLLOWED BY ANYONE: Students who wish to know the Italian literature for personal...
Language culture
Italian as a Foreign Language - One-to-one Course
Salò (BS)
Lest Languages
from: 6 September Duration: 6 weeks
One-to-one Italian as a Foreign language course, with customized programme and calendar scheduled with the Student
Foreign Language Course
Aci Castello (CT)
Scuola Galatea
from: 1 September Duration: 100 weeks
Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian are just some of the many foreign language courses our school has...
Italian as a Foreign Language - Group Course
Salò (BS)
Lest Languages
from: 6 September Duration: 6 weeks
Italian as a Foreign Language Group Course. The course starts once the minimum number of 4 partecipants has been...
Preparation courses for the CELI - CILS exams
Reggio Emilia (RE)
Reggio Lingua
from: 27 August Duration: 4 weeks
Reggio Lingua is one of the exam centers for CELI - CILS (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) and it is...

Italian Cooking Recipes

The Gray

Remove the rind from the pillow and slice it into slices about half a centimeter. Then cut it coarsely to obtain cubes that are not too fine. It is also important to keep the part containing the pepper, even if it can then be added later according... more

Potato nduja and caciocavallo pasta

Peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Add oil in a saucepan, light the flame and add the nduja. Let it melt. Then add the potatoes. Once seasoned, add the water so that it covers the potatoes with at least two fingers and cover with a lid. Cook... more

Cheese and pepper

First, roughly crush the pepper with a mortar. Pour it into a pan and heat it on the fire. When the water for the pasta boils, add salt: the quantity of salt must be about half of that usually used, since the flavor of the dish will be given by the... more

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