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Lemon sorbet

To prepare the lemon sorbet we start by pouring the egg white into a bowl and operating the electric whips. As soon as the egg white is semi-assembled, we will notice it from the foam that forms on the surface, we add 30 grams of sugar to rain,... more

Mini savory croissants

We start by spreading the pizza dough we prepared earlier with a rolling pin, it must be about 1 cm thick. We can however also use a ready-made one. Then we take the puff pastry and fold it on itself so that it becomes as thick as pizza dough. We... more

Pizza focaccia

We start crumbling the yeast in a bowl by adding a little warm water and making it dissolve by mixing. Then combine the flour and add the other water and mix again with a ladle. We take the warm milk and we put it together. Then we put salt and oil... more