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Italian Cooking Recipes

Short sleeves with artichokes and ham

First, we eliminate the tip of the artichokes into 4 pieces and dissect the remainder, and then cut in very thin strips, then we take the field and divide it into slices and put to rest the artichokes in a bowl of water acidulated with half of... more

Spaghetti with roses

Choose the roses; they should be preferrably pink. Take the petals and clean them gently with a damp towel, cut them in thin slices and keep aside 6 whole petals. Cut the ham into small cubes. Stir fry the onion with some butter, add the ham, fry it... more

Bean soup

Put the oil in a saucepan and let it season with the garlic. After smoking it a little we extract it and add the sage leaves. After 1 minute let's put the beans and let them taste well. Meanwhile, dilute the tomato in a mug of water and add it to... more