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Italian Cooking Recipes

Greedy asparagus

Start this tasty appetizer by cleaning the asparagus: cut the most woody end and with a potato peeler remove the outer part of the remaining stem which is more fibrous. Now lay the asparagus in the steamer basket and cook for 3 minutes. Heat a grill... more

Chocolate cake

This cake is really very very quick to prepare and the result is truly amazing! Let's begin! In a large bowl we put the eggs, the seed oil and mix. Then add the milk, the granulated sugar, the grated orange peel, the flour and the bitter cocoa and... more

Spaghetti with fisherman

Heat the oil in a pan with a whole clove of garlic and add the mussels. Cover the pan with a lid and wait for the mussels to open. Once opened, peel them and add the filtered sauce. If you want, you can leave whole a couple of small mussels in order... more