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First Level Cooking Course
Locality: Cisterna Di Latina (Latina) Region: Lazio
from: 3 October 2022 Duration: 60 hours

Our 1st Level Professional Cook Course is aimed at all those who have the dream of working in the kitchen of a restaurant, but do not have any type of experience and basis, or simply to those who have a passion for cooking and want to learn this. 'art. The purpose of this course is to transmit the fundamental skills to undertake this profession and successfully integrate into important and qualified catering facilities. Future Chefs will acquire specific essential notions and secrets of the trade to arrive at a successful catering, from preparation, to combinations up to the art of plating. Various topics will be addressed, such as regional cuisine, fresh pasta, meats, fish and much more, so that graduated chefs will be able to create any type of recipe and use their creativity. The course takes place in a modern and well-equipped classroom, where each student has a workstation and the necessary tools at his or her disposal to do his or her own work in the best possible way. The Apprentice Chef will be guided step by step by our Chef Teacher, who allows you to combine an accurate theoretical training with the acquisition of practical skills that can be dispensed to confer a specific professionalism increasingly required in the restaurant sector. At the end of the course each student will face a final exam where a certificate of participation will be issued recognized by the Italian Federation of Chefs of the Lazio Region and the Provincial Cuochi Association of Latina. SUPPLIED: TEACHING MATERIAL (theory and recipes) RAW MATERIALS AND CONSUMABLES MEMBERSHIP CARD FINAL CERTIFICATE DIVIDED BY CHEF with the logo

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