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Italian Happy Hour - 13 September
Locality: Naples (Naples) Region: Campania
from: 13 September 2022 Duration: 3 hours

Aperitif? A must of the summer, meet in the "happy hour" to start a pleasant evening together! We transfer this light and this still intense joy in our memories at the Toffini Academy, transforming it into a cooking class with a special flavor. With the guidance of chef Eduardo Estatico we will make our tapas and then taste them all together in combination with a spritz. Get ready for a tasty and electrifying evening, which combines style and tradition, and declines the flavors of the summer just spent in 6 tapas that you will never be able to give up again, sea and land that come together to tantalize the palate, start a meal. Let's start from the preparation of the classic cuoppo di zeppoline di mare, we will then move on to the contemporary reinterpretation of bruschetta, aiming at the innovation of the classics by preparing a creamy caprese, melon granita and crispy ham. And finally anchovies all'amalfitana, spongecake zucchini alla nerano.

Toffini Academy Corsi di Cucina

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