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Pizza Course
Locality: Pescara (Pescara) Region: Abruzzo
from: 15 February 2023 Duration: 1 days

Homemade Pizza Course Discover all the secrets and techniques for making an excellent classic pizza, using the right amount of yeast and perfect cooking. With this course you will learn all the secrets to making a fragrant and tasty pizza at home. Guaranteed result! The course is entirely practical! OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE ✔ Know the raw materials for the preparation of pizzas and focaccias ✔ Know the secrets to choose the flour that best suits your needs ✔ Learn how to make digestible doughs ✔ Learn all the stages of preparing pizza and focaccia: dough, leavening, filling, cooking. Under the guidance of the master pizza maker Francesco Genchi, the students will make different types of pizzas and focaccias with tasty fillings, ideal to prepare at home. It is essential to know the various types of flour and the various mixing and drafting techniques to make a good pizza truly special. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- Total cost of the course € 65.00 (VAT included) - Discounted from € 75.00 EXCEPTIONAL DISCOUNTED PRICE! The course is entirely practical and is aimed at everyone. The class is limited in number! FINAL SPECIALIZATION CERTIFICATE For detailed info go to the website . Sweetest. It

Sweetest School, scuola di cucina e pasticceria professionale

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